Women-Directed Shorts Block

The Women-Directed Shorts Block includes the following films:

  • My House (Mary Elizabeth Boylan)
  • Character (Vera Brunner-Sung)
  • What Travelers Are Saying About Jornada del Muerto (Hope Tucker)
  • It’s Getting Bad Again (Sarah Reyes)
  • Black Beauty (Elle Moxley)
  • One Last Time (Anna Dominguez, Sydney Lawson)
  • The Ritual to Beauty (Shenny de Los Angeles)

The April 30th screening will be accompanied by a post-show Q&A with Mary Elizabeth Boylan, Vera Brunner-Sung, Elle Moxley, and Sydney Lawson.

The May 1st screening will be accompanied by a post-show Q&A with Mary Elizabeth Boylan, Elle Moxley, and Cristyn Steward (Columbus Black International Film Festival).

Director: Mary Elizabeth Boylan
Runtime: 12 min

One woman’s lifelong journey told through the prism of her childhood home.

Director: Vera Brunner-Sung
Runtime: 16 min

Actor Mark Metcalf made his reputation in Hollywood playing aggrieved authority figures. Now in his 70s, he takes a look back on his career in this meditation on power, privilege, and the perils of being a “type.”

Director: Hope Tucker
Runtime: 14 min

Visitors and residents of New Mexico’s Tularosa Basin, site of the first detonation of an atomic bomb, contribute to the production of public memory as they offer reckonings and advice about making “the journey of the dead.”

Director: Sarah Reyes
Runtime: 4 min

An unnamed young woman comically navigates her declining mental health in the wake of an oncoming depressive episode.

Director: Elle Moxley
Runtime: 26 min

Elle Moxley makes her directorial debut with the documentary short Black Beauty. The film traces her story as a Black transgender teenager in Ohio exploring her story and vision for a collective future – one that now seems possible in this rapidly changing world.

Directors: Anna Dominguez, Sydney Lawson
Runtime: 3 min

Adapting to a voiceless world, two spouses remember the last words on the anniversary of their final conversation.

Filmed in Columbus, OH. Honorable mention at AGBO’s No Sleep ‘til Film Fest 2021.

Director: Shenny de Los Angeles
Runtime: 15 min

THE RITUAL TO BEAUTY is a mixed media piece integrating the stylization of documentary and spoken word. Inspired by Shenny’s one-woman show “What Happens to Brown Girls Who Never Learn How to Love Themselves Brown?,” this piece invites you to witness the meaning of beauty through three generations of Dominican women.

Hourly Schedule

Saturday, April 30

3:30 pm
Women-Directed Shorts Block @Drexel Theatre

Sunday, May 1

4:30 pm
Women-Directed Shorts Block @Gateway Film Center


Apr 30, 2022 - May 01, 2022

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