Shorts Block 2

The Shorts Block 2 includes the following films:

Runtime: ~1 hr 13 min

  • In Our Own Way (Dir. Jason Headley)
  • hao hao wan wan (Dir. Em Yue)
  • Harlem Fragments (Dir. Cameron Tyler Carr)
  • Mar Mama (Dir. Hajdi El-Omari)
  • Places of Worship (Dir. Bridget Frances Harris)
  • Plástico (Dir. Vero Kompalic)

Director: Jason Headley
Runtime: 5 min 12 sec

A man misses his chance to say goodbye to his dying brother.

Director: Em Yue
Runtime: 4 min 40 sec

We played games to pass the time in our parents’ Chinese restaurants. They weren’t authentic, but they were good.

Director: Cameron Tyler Carr
Runtime: 17 min 34 sec

An Afro-futurist scrapbook storytelling of a Harlem Black family’s beautiful destruction during the 2008 recession. A natural disaster so mesmerizing you can’t look away from the tragedy.

Director: Hajdi El-Omari
Runtime: 15 min

Haunted by her mother’s death and recurring attacks on her city, a young girl becomes obsessed with death. Reality invades their world as her father tries to distract her by making a stop-motion film. When his efforts to shelter his daughter fail, fantasy and imagination cross paths to help her, and in that fraction of time, story frees, and a touch of mar mama’s magic saves.

Director: Bridget Frances Harris
Runtime: 12 min 58 sec

After an incident following Sunday mass, a Catholic altar server starts having visions of The Virgin Mary, forcing her to confront queer feelings for a movie theater coworker.

Director: Vero Kompalic
Runtime: 33 min 26 sec

A film crew documents a progressively sadistic commander, as he forces a group of actors playing soldiers to violent ends.

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Apr 27, 2024


4:00 pm

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Gateway Film Center


Gateway Film Center
1550 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
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