Shorts Block 1

The Shorts Block 1 includes the following films:

Runtime: ~1 hr 37 min

  • Deep in My Heart is a Song (Dir. Jonathan Pickett)
  • You Can Go Home Whenever You Want (Dir. Matthew Everitt)
  • So, That Happened (Dir. Neha Aziz)
  • buna (Dir. Searit Kahsay Huluf)
  • Mermaid, Bitch (Dir. Victoria Negri)
  • Backlog (Dir. Jacqueline Rosenthal)

Following the film screenings, stick around for a Q&A.

Director: Jonathan Pickett
Runtime: 16 min 2 sec

An aging country musician who’s struggling to make ends meet receives an offer for an unusual private gig. Based on the life of cowboy singer Johnny Bencomo, who plays himself in the film.

Director: Matthew Everitt
Runtime: 26 min 5 sec

A spate of local disappearances. A hill that may (or may not) be a conduit to the next life. A recluse, living off the grid, who hasn’t been seen for years—until one of his high school bandmates shows up with a birthday cake.

Director: Neha Aziz
Runtime: 8 min

Sheila and Imran haven’t seen each other since college, but when Imran moves back to Austin, an opportunity arises for the pair to get acquainted once more.

Director: Searit Kahsay Huluf
Runtime: 17 min 6 sec

An infatuated African-American chef creates an imaginary romantic relationship with an Ethiopian chef across the street—but her fantasies soon begin to overpower her senses, causing her to lose her grip on reality.

Director: Victoria Negri
Runtime: 12 min 37 sec

A codependent long-term friendship is challenged when one of the women suddenly transforms into a mermaid.

Director: Jacqueline Rosenthal
Runtime: 18 min 6 sec

In 2006, Mallory Newell (all names changed) was brutally assaulted and date-raped on her 21st birthday. The next day, she underwent a painful scientific 4-6 hour medical examination to collect clinical evidence. But because of the bureaucracy of the justice system, the police shelved her evidence and evaded her for almost two years, claiming the case to be “unwinnable.” But Mallory continued to help survivors, working at a rape treatment crisis center, where she is asked to advocate to end the Rape Kit Backlogs. Eventually, she finds insurmountable courage to become the key witness at the Senate Judiciary hearing in 2010.

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Apr 26, 2024


1:00 pm

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Gateway Film Center


Gateway Film Center
1550 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
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