Local Shorts

The Local Shorts block includes the following films:

  • Night Cafe (Joshua Nowak)
  • Last and First Woman (Adnan Siddique)
  • Self in Progress (Kayla Lehman)
  • PARTNR (Kaylin Allshouse)
  • Met(EYE)Morphosis (Jonathan Riles)
  • Three Quarters Dead (Angelo Thomas)

This screening will be accompanied by a post-show Q&A with directors Joshua Nowak, Adnan Siddique, Kayla Lehman, Jonathan Riles, and Angelo Thomas, led by WCBE’s Johnny DiLoretto.


Director: Joshua Nowak
Runtime: 15 min

A dark, comedic drama about a waitress and single mother who is having a terrible night at her job. Between hitting her head, getting yelled at by her boss, and being stiffed by a customer, she barely notices the two criminals sitting in her section. It’s an ensemble of unique characters, cosmic coincidences, and serendipitous luck, both good and bad.

Director: Adnan Siddique
Runtime: 36 min

A passionate astronomy student disengages from her college curriculum upon the discovery of an illusive artifact.

Director: Kayla Lehman
Runtime: 4 min

Self in Progress follows a young woman’s experience with anxiety and mental illness and her journey of healing through acceptance and self-compassion. The film draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Surrealism to visualize this mental health journey.

Director: Kaylin Allshouse
Runtime: 12 min

When her bionic boyfriend Ethan proposes, Jackie finally feels like she has found her happily ever after — until a chance encounter with another human shows her how messy love can really be.

Director: Jonathan Riles
Runtime: 3 min

A slithering creature evolves into different forms, but also remains the same.

Director: Angelo Thomas
Runtime: 7 min

Two souls meet in the space between this life and the afterlife.



Apr 28, 2023


4:00 pm

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Gateway Film Center


Gateway Film Center
1550 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
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