Local Shorts Block 2

The Local Shorts Block 2 includes the following films:

Runtime: ~1 hr 19 min

  • Fleshwork (Dir. Lydia Cornett)
  • The Back of Your Eyelids (Dir. Payton Burkhammer)
  • First Look (Dir. Jordan Sommerlad)
  • Wouldn’t Make It Any Other Way (Dir. Hao Zhou)
  • Before I Let Go (Dir. Cameron Granger)
  • River (Dir. Rafal Sokolowski & Kanat Omurbekov)

Following the film screenings, stick around for a Q&A.

Director: Lydia Cornett
Runtime: 7 min 3 sec

At a butcher shop in Jeromesville, Ohio, four meat processors situate their labor within their own minds and bodies.

Director: Payton Burkhammer
Runtime: 10 min 52 sec

After a recent breakup, social media obsessed Maria faces her deepest fear – spending the night alone. What will she do to pass the time? Not even she knows. Through facing her ex-boyfriend, celebrating her birthday, and a chance encounter with a delivery driver, she learns a lesson in what it means to choose yourself.

Director: Jordan Sommerlad
Runtime: 6 min 14 sec

On the day of their wedding, a tornado derails a couple’s vision for their future.

Director: Hao Zhou
Runtime: 20 min 49 sec

A costume designer leaves their life in Iowa to return to their hometown in Guam and make costumes for a children’s theater, hoping to reconnect with estranged parents.

Director: Cameron Granger
Runtime: 23 min 11 sec

Five years ago the east side neighborhood of a town called Bad City was leveled by giant monsters called the Titans. I was recently hired by the city to document the community’s recovery efforts — and now I’m seeing just how different the road to recovery can look for a city, and for its people.

Director: Rafal Sokolowski & Kanat Omurbekov
Runtime: 11 min 45 sec

River, a trans woman, returns home to attend the funeral of her estranged father. She arrives consumed by regret for not seeing him before he passed, but instead of closure, she finds that the funeral has been staged and that her father faked his death to lure her into “conversion therapy.”



Apr 27, 2024


1:00 pm

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Gateway Film Center


Gateway Film Center
1550 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
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