Local Shorts Block 1

The Local Shorts Block 1 includes the following films:

Runtime: ~1 hr 24 min

  • Spencer + Penny Forever (Dir. Eric M Boso)
  • IUDemon (Dir. Ali Rose Bianco)
  • Samhain (Dir. Alexis Schuknecht)
  • Listener (Dir. Max Fogle)
  • Ondo (Dir. Jiyoung Kim)
  • All the Ways to Say I Love You (Dir. Maya Wanner)
  • The House My Mother Left (Dir. Kaylin Allshouse)

Following the film screenings, stick around for a Q&A.

Director: Eric M Boso
Runtime: 7 min 47 sec

A mechanical pencil finds a lifelong friend.

Director: Ali Rose Bianco
Runtime: 17 min 7 sec

Fiona, a cautious yet brave young woman, hears of the possible overturning of Roe V. Wade and decides to get a Copper IUD as a pre-emptive protective measure. However, after the Copper IUD is inserted, it takes its form as Damim, a domineering woman, looking to control Fiona from within, causing excessive bleeding and sing-songy nightmares.

Director: Alexis Schuknecht
Runtime: 1 min 27 sec

On the evening of Samhain, when the veil is thinnest between the world of the living and the dead, a lonely young girl participates in a ritual to ease her grieving heart.

Director: Max Fogle
Runtime: 14 min 59 sec

Eliot fixes up old lamps and sells them online. But a secret lurks beneath the surface.

Director: Jiyoung Kim
Runtime: 10 min 51 sec

Ondo is a heartwarming story that illustrates the love of a matriarch of an immigrant family. Mijung is a ghost, unaware she is dead. She remains at home, still looking after her granddaughter, Ondo. Haunting her in the most loving way.

Director: Maya Wanner
Runtime: 19 min 39 sec

As the filmmaker and her mother attempt to heal their relationship, their memories reflect, refract, and reverberate in this personal multi-generational documentary about forgiveness and reconnection.

Director: Kaylin Allshouse
Runtime: 12 min 43 sec

After burglars ransacked her mother’s childhood home, Frankie must help her mom clean the mess, but since the loss of her father, Frankie and her mother struggle to get along. Now, faced with so many reminders of the past, the two must find a way to navigate a world where they only have each other.

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Apr 25, 2024


7:00 pm

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Drexel Theatre


Drexel Theatre
2254 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209
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