Local Shorts at the Drexel

The Local Shorts at the Drexel block includes the following films:

  • Cycle Breakers (Joshua Heath Clark, Mike Kash)
  • Bodywork (Jack Beckett Cohen)
  • Finding Eclosion (Déja Russell)
  • You’ll Never Be My First Kiss (Payton Burkhammer)
  • Supper (Jon Osbeck)

This screening will be accompanied by a post-show Q&A with Joshua Heath Clark, Jack Beckett Cohen, Déja Russell, Payton Burkhammer, and Jon Osbeck, led by WCBE’s Johnny DiLoretto.


Director: Joshua Heath Clark
Runtime: 35 min

A story of a family’s generational trauma and how it uses motorcycle riding as a coping mechanism across generations.

Director: Jack Beckett Cohen
Runtime: 18 min

A theater actor with crippling body image insecurities must face his greatest fears when he is asked to perform nude on stage in his dream role.

Director: Déja Russell
Runtime: 14 min

Vanesia Simmons, a young black woman, finds herself trapped in a mysterious space when her apartment hunting doesn’t go as planned. To escape, she must find the key to “Eclosion,” a magical garden that will send her home. When finding the key doesn’t prove as easily as thought, she is forced to address the monsters inside.

Director: Payton Burkhammer
Runtime: 10 min

Anxious about her upcoming date, Gabi enlists the help of her best friend, Matt, to teach her how to have the perfect first kiss.

Director: Jon Osbeck
Runtime: 12 min

Two mob hitmen, one retired, one still on the job, meet for supper.



Apr 27, 2023


7:00 pm

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Drexel Theatre


Drexel Theatre
2254 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209
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