Late Night Shorts

The Late Night Shorts includes the following films:

Runtime: ~1 hr 54 min

  • White Gaze (Dir. ETA)
  • Trundle & The Lost Borscht of Atlantis (Dir. Laura Lee)
  • Peephole (Dir. Brendan Butler)
  • Heap (Dir. Kyle Marchen)
  • Dream Creep (Dir. Carlos A.F. Lopez)
  • Stan Behavior (Dir. Tyler C. Peterson)

Director: ETA
Runtime: 31 min 15 sec

Latine twentysomething, Gema, is forced to confront the looming threat of gentrification head-on—after having no choice but to let an overeager stranger move in or risk being evicted. The uneasy peace soon turns sinister, exposing her to something far more invasive.

Director: Laura Lee
Runtime: 13 min 30 sec

Even though Trundle makes the best borscht in the city, Mr. Murray says he is too hideous to work the counter. But when a Regular wants to thank the chef, Trundle takes matters into his own hands.

Director: Brendan Butler
Runtime: 15 min

Stetson, a recovering addict trying to escape his past life, moves into a new apartment where he discovers a hole in his wall allowing him to watch in on his neighbors … who may or may not be watching him.

Director: Kyle Marchen
Runtime: 12 min 13 sec

Caught in a lie, Isha is forced to live a double life after discovering a “utopian” society in the building next door to her dilapidated apartment.

Director: Carlos A.F. Lopez
Runtime: 12 min

A couple awakens in the night to sounds emanating from an unlikely orifice.

Director: Tyler C. Peterson
Runtime: 15 min 3 sec

A drag queen embarks on a quest for better workplace rights, but finds herself in a dicey situation when her new lawyer, a tone-deaf straight woman, is revealed to be a drag super stan.

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Apr 27, 2024


11:00 pm

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